HMG - Horse Riding School Holiday Activities - Term 1 2018

Horse Mad Gang: Term 1/2018

Term 1 has certainly been a very productive time for our Horse Mad Gang Groups, particularly our new comers. We have had some major mile stones and accomplishments achieved by our young riders in the last 10 weeks and it makes me very proud to be their horse riding instructor. These are our Horsey Highlights.

Horse Riding Tip 6 Learn To Ride A Horse Basics

Horse Riding Tip 6: Learn To Ride A Horse Basics

Riding a horse is a great hobby and children of appropriate age can learn many things from regular horse riding lessons. The best way to acquire the physical skills required to learn to ride a horse is to actually learn from a qualified instructor. This is the best option for beginners as the regular interaction with a coach can assist in corrections that can be made quickly, before bad habits have a chance to develop. This is why I urge you to seek the proper assistance before you attempt to ride a horse.

HMG - Horse Riding School Holiday Activities - Term 4 2017

Horse Mad Gang: Term 4/2017

Follow our Horse Mad Gang students as they work their way through our tailored School Term & Holiday Horse Riding Program at Alba View Equestrian Adelaide. We structure our full day sessions filled with quality education about horses and practical horse riding lessons to teach your child how to ride properly.