Horse Riding Tip 11 What To Do When You Fall Off A Horse

The sad reality of horse riding is that sooner or later you are going to fall off of your horse. The longer you ride, the more you increase the chance of this happening. However, you should not be fearful of riding thinking that today could be that day. What you should be doing is preparing yourself with the knowledge and skills required in order to handle the situation effectively when it occurs.

So here's some likely scenarios that you may face and some advice on what to do when you fall off a horse.

What To Do When You Fall Off A Horse Preparation

If you know first aid, you will be prepared for any type of emergency when it happens. For example, you may encounter anything ranging from broken bones and concussions to sprains and any other type of injury. As fun as riding a horse can be, it can also be quite dangerous. There are hundreds of horse related injuries that require medical attention that occur each year. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for any circumstance that may occur.

Riding Trail Group Style

The main challenge of group trail riding is that each rider is going to have a different skill level. You will need to know how confident and skillful each rider is. Particularly the rider directly in front of you and the rider directly behind you. You also have to know how well trained the horses are and what their temperament is like. This is because you don’t want to be on a long ride, covering rough and difficult terrain if the horses and riders are not experienced enough to be in that situation.

What To Do When You Fall Off A Horse

The Fall

If a rider falls off a horse you have to act quickly. Depending on the landing and injuries, some riders can just shake it off and hop back on to the horse and carry on. The first thing you should do when someone falls is to get off of your horse in order to help them back onto theirs. This is if the person who fell is not too injured to ride.

Your top priority should be the rider and not their horse. If they require any kind of medical attention, the horse can wait. Carrying a cell phone and first aid kit will come in handy should there be more than just minor scrapes and cuts that need to be attended to. Be aware of where you are at all times in case you do have to give directions so that first responders can properly locate you.

If The Horse Leaves

Keeping in mind that your top priority is the fallen rider, the horse will be fine. In fact, horses have an instinct to go back home. So if it leaves, that is very likely where it is going. If the horse leaves and you can’t locate it, ask around, call animal control and anyone else who would typically be of use in such a circumstance. It won’t be all that hard to locate a missing horse on your own, or with some help, unless the area is quite secluded.

In The Arena

The same basic rules apply here as they do in trail riding. You have to know who the inexperienced riders and horses are. Remember to follow arena etiquette. When someone falls off a horse in an arena, there are many professionally trained emergency personnel present to handle the situation. Always make sure you have a list of emergency numbers with you in case you need to call for help.

If a rider falls in an arena, remove the horses as they may get scared. If one horse rears and tosses a rider, it could develop into a chain reaction. Do not let a horse run around alone, especially the one that threw its rider. Always look after the rider first and in an arena setting, you can delegate someone to take care of the horse as the rider is being treated.

What To Do When You Fall Off A Horse In The Arena

What To Do When You Fall Off A Horse Conclusion

You should now know what to do when you fall off a horse. Remember your top priority should always be to care for the rider first, whether that is yourself or someone else. The way in which you react in those first few seconds can make a huge difference.