Horse Mad Gang - Christmas Holidays

Since school has finished and the kids now need somewhere to burn off all that energy, we have been hosting quite a few Horse Mad Gang Single Days. This is also a great opportunity for all those parents to get their last minute Christmas shopping done!

We structure these days a little bit different to our normal HMG Riding Program that we run throughout the school term. This is because we have some kids that have never ridden before and may not have interacted with horses too much. So we take it right back to basics and have a lot of horsey fun throughout the day. Don't worry, the kids still get worked and burn off that energy we adults all wished we still had.

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - Christmas Holidays

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - Christmas Holidays

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - Christmas Holidays

They even got a front seat view of Solo and Vedah (pictured above) getting their regular service done by our Local Equine Dentist. We will be hosting more Single Day Sessions in the New Year, and of course continuing with our School Term Horse Riding Program. Alba View welcomes new riders and looks forward to whole lot of Horsey Fun next year. Merry Xmas, Tania.

09 DEC 17: Group 1 Horse Mad Gang

Horse Mad Gang today wasn’t the greatest of weather and it was bit windy. But we still sailed through the day with lots of enthusiasm and education on horse care. The students were kept busy with heaps of fun stuff including riding, feeding and watching the Farrier put shoes on a few horses.

I’m sure next fortnight will be bright and sunny as usual and you can leave your raincoats at home this time. Tania.

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 02DEC17-1

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 02DEC17-2

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 02DEC17-3

02 DEC 17: Group 2 Horse Mad Gang

Tip, top and ship, shape is how I’d describe todays Horse Mad Gang lesson and don’t they all just look terrific! All the students have come so far in just a few short lessons since being at Alba View Equestrian.

A few special mentions from today. A big Happy Birthday to Paige who gave us a hand all day. And a big Welcome and great job to Monica and Mya, you guys all rock!

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 09DEC17-1

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 09DEC17-2

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 09DEC17-3

25 NOV 17: Group 1 Horse Mad Gang

Back in the saddle again for our Horse Mad Gang Group 1 and we are all coming along really nicely with our basic skills and confidence in the saddle. A very special mention of Congratulations to Kyla, this was only her second time on a pony and she is already off lead. Well Done!

We even pulled Tubby out of retirement today for a bit of TLC and a horse care lesson in keeping your ponies clean and healthy. I’m not sure who enjoyed the experience more, the kids or tubby lol. Sparkles even got a bit of…..well sparkling too.

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 25NOV17

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 25NOV17

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 25NOV17

18 NOV 17: Group 2 Horse Mad Gang

Today was simply awesome! Some of our more nervous nellies accomplished so much and thoroughly surprised themselves with how much they were capable of. And how much they had learnt in just two full day lessons at Alba View Equestrian.

Their riding skill and confidence levels improved and they were starting to keep their heels and hands down without a thought. Once these basic techniques become muscle memory, this is when the rider really gains their self confidence in the saddle. To keep both Horse Mad Gang Groups on the same learning schedule, we introduced the two-point saddle position and will continue to work on this next lesson.

I absolutely love seeing each and everyone’s progress each week and it makes me very proud. See you all next fortnight. Tania.

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 18NOV17

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 18NOV17

11 NOV 17: Group 1 Horse Mad Gang

Wow, today was certainly very warm and very muggy, the flies were out in numbers! We always take the heat into consideration when riding, for both the safety of our horses and riders. However, today was simply just muggy and we got some great riding practice and technique lessons covered today.

Our Horse Mad Gang Group 1 is definitely starting to excel with the basic (and very important) technique of moving in their seat to a two-point position. We focused on steering our horses by having them walk directly through the centre of the trotting poles without ducking out at the last second.

It’s definitely hard work, especially for beginners. Staying focused is the key to controlling your horse safely, and I think these kids are doing great. They even enjoy cleaning up after their horses lol.

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 11NOV17

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 11NOV17

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 11NOV17

04 NOV 17: Group 2 Horse Mad Gang

A huge welcome to our Horse Mad Gang Group 2 and first-time riders. It was an especially great day meeting our wonderful new students and teaching them all about my favourite thing in the world. Horses, horses and horses!

After a big morning of riding lessons, we took a walk out to the paddocks to learn about the different colours and breeds of horses. Of course, we couldn’t bypass the BFG (aka Solo) on our way. He is after all a big softy and the kids adore him. He won’t pass up a good scratch and cuddle anytime.

A huge well done to all our students and looking forward to having you back again next fortnight. Tania.

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 04NOV17

28 OCT 17: Group 1 Horse Mad Gang

Welcome back again for round two of Horse Mad Gang to our first official group. The weather was perfect today for a full day of horsey fun and horse riding.

Today we focused on practicing those new skills that we learnt last fortnight about basic horse care. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how well all the students did to remember a lot. Especially about safety around horses.

All the kids had a great time at fitting a bridle correctly which isn’t as easy as it may look. Here we have a very patient Stella being a great pony for the kids.

We now also have a second Horse Mad Gang group starting this Saturday 04 November, and have a few open spaces to fill. Call 0407 803 004 or email via our Contact Us page if you are interested.

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 28OCT17

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 28OCT17

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 28OCT17

14 OCT 17: Group 1 Horse Mad Gang

Our first official Horse Mad Gang was held today and what a great day it was! With the help of Erin, Bethany and Lanna, all of our students had a terrific first session. Everyone had made tremendous initial improvements by the end of the day.

This is a rundown of exactly what our students were shown, taught and practiced today:

  • How to safely catch a pony from a paddock,
  • Learning exactly how to fit a halter and experiencing how awkward it can be sometimes,
  • Why and how we need to groom our horses correctly,
  • How to safely pick up a horse’s hoof and use a hoof pick,
  • How to fit a bridle and saddle,
  • What types of feed horses eat and how much to feed them, and
  • Safety around horses.

Horse Mad Gang 2017 - 14OCT17

Needless to say, it was a big day for all and we can’t wait to see everyone again next fortnight!

Remember, if you would like to be part of our Horse Mad Gang, it is mandatory to book in for an Initial Assessment Lesson first. This is so we can assess the level you or your child is at. We will be taking bookings for a second group soon, so stay tuned. Tania.