What a huge Term this has been! Both Horse Mad Gang Groups have been fantastic, busy and almost full. I'm very humbled that there are so many enthusiastic kids that love being apart of our school term Horsey education program. Building friendships, increasing your confidence and learning about responsibility are terrific life changing skills to grow up with. Keep on reading below (especially to the end) as we held our first Graduation Day for both groups this term.

Rugs Off Weather

The colder winter weather is very much in the phase of finally lifting and going away. Not that, that stops the kids from horse riding or learning some horse care skills. Horse Mad Gang after all is never cancelled. There's always something to do and something to learn that doesn't involve being up in the saddle. But when the weather is great, the horses love it too. Rugs off and time for a bit of a scratch.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 21JUL18-1

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 21JUL18-2

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 21JUL18-3

New Horse Corrals Finished

Just look at how amazing our new Horse Corrals look! Geoff began working on these last term and has finished them off just in time for graduation. All the kids now have their own safe and secure area that they are responsible for to unsaddle, brush off and feed their horse. Think I noticed a little more prep in everyones step (and hoof) when they started using them.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 01SEP18

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 01SEP18

New Uniform Polos And Hoodies

Horse Mad Gang has become super popular. With so many kids here each weekend, I thought it only fitting to introduce an official Alba View Equestrian Uniform. This consists of a Polo Shirt and a Hoodie jumper (even with Winter on the way out, a jumper is still a good idea to bring along). They look very smart and for the kids that are only here once a fortnight, gives them a sense of belonging to a special group (which they do!). And for the parents, a dark colour, so stains are not an issue. Here's what they look like and here's a few of the gang showing them off.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 11SEP18 - New Uniform

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 11SEP18 - New Uniform

Group 2 Graduation Day

There is no better feeling then a sense of accomplishment and achievement. That's exactly what our Horse Mad Gang Graduation Day is all about. Getting the kids to recognise how far they have come with horse riding (especially if they were a total beginner) and learning horse care skills is important. So while it may just seem like one fun day per fortnight (or every week for some), it's easy to forget that these are life long skills they are all learning.

Confidence. Responsibility. Listening. Safety. Horseman-ship. Physical Health.

Well done to Group 2! You have accomplished so much and I would delighted to have you all back next Term.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 15SEP18 - Group 2 Graduation Day

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 15SEP18 - Group 2 Graduation Day

Group 1 Graduation Day

There is so much more to Horse Riding then just jumping in the saddle and steering your horse around. Ask any of our Horse Mad Gang Kids and I bet they could talk for an hour (you have been warned) about all the different things we teach here at Alba View. Our Graduation Day gives each of our the kids the recognition they deserve.

To finish off HMG for Term 3, Geoff got the BBQ out to cook up some snags for our very hungry kids and adults. We encouraged all parents to come out and celebrate with their kids, which was a great turn-out. The weather was simply awesome for showing off the Drill Skills this group had learnt. In the words from our trainer Erin "Drill work is like a dance routine on horseback. It requires timing, control and team work"

You can watch the video of this performance on our Alba View Equestrian Facebook Page here.

Well done Group 2 and I hope to see you all again next term.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 22SEP18 - Group 1 Graduation Day

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 22SEP18 - Group 1 Graduation Day