Term 2 has again been a very productive 10 weeks for our Horse Mad Gang Groups. We’ve battled some wild weather, introduced a new Alba View uniform, completed some renovations on the Riding School and had some of students compete in their first Dressage competition. Phew! What a term indeed. See for yourself and continue reading below.

Welcome Back Horse Mad Gang Kids

I couldn't have asked for a better day than our first lesson of Term 2 for our Group 1 Horse Mad Gang. An absolute stunner of a day and all the kids and horses certainly took advantage of it.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 05MAY18-1

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 05MAY18-2

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 05MAY18-3

Bonding Between Rider and Pony

Lots of bonding going on today between our students and horses. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to get some georgeous pictures. Here we have Will, Honey and (cheeky) Sparkles being very calm and patient with our young riders.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 19MAY18-1

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 19MAY18-2

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 19MAY18-3

First Dressage Competition

Here we have Scarlette, Alexys and Tayla competing in their first Zone Dressage Day Competition at Pegasus Pony Club. Great weather, great company and organised really well. The girls were very proactive in making sure they were ready for their allocated time slots by having their gear checked by the officials and abiding by the clubs horse etiquette rules. Very proud to see this coming from such young riders with little competition experience.

Participating in these competitions is not about winning. It's about gaining experience of competition rules, confidence while being judged and above all growing up to be a considerate and responsible horse owner. But hey! They took out some wins anyway, just look at those ribbons.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 27MAY18-1

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 27MAY18-2

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 27MAY18-3

Alba View Renovations

With more Horse Mad Kids and individual riders signing up each term, we are now putting in another Horse Arena to accommodate this expansion. We got Ari from Ari's Excavations out again to prepare Arena 2 for us, great job as always.

Geoff is also on the task of building two sets of new Horse Corrals that all our riders can utilise when unsaddling, rubbing down, checking and feeding their ponies. Can't wait to see the finished product, expect to see some photos in the Term 3 update to come.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 06JUN18-1

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 06JUN18-2

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 06JUN18-2

Horse Float Loading

One very important skill to learn, especially if you intend on owning your own horse one day, is how to load and unload them onto a horse float. If you're not familiar with this process it can become dangerous for both you and your horse. But that's why we like to teach our riders everything to do with horse care and not just focus solely on horse riding. All the kids did fantastic thanks to a very patient Rocco who was the guinea-horse for this exercise. I reckon he enjoyed all the attention anyway.

Then straight back in the saddle to polish up on our technique in lead up to Graduation Gymkana next term.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 09JUN18-1

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 09JUN18-2

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 09JUN18-3

End Of Term Horsey Days

At the end of each term during the two weeks of school holidays, we open up our Full Horsey Day Program. This is very similiar to our Horse Mad Gang School Term Program, however parents can book their kids in for just the day. There is no ongoing sign up period or fee. These days are peferct for seeing if your kid loves riding, learning and being around horses. Let's face it, what kid doesn't? And if your interested in signing them up for a full school term.

Either way, it's a great day for your child to learn new skills, hang out with other animal loving kids, get lots of exercise and above all give you a bit of peace for the day. Check out the pictures below. A great day with a bit of horse riding, learning how to groom and what to feed a horse.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 07JUL18-3

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 07JUL18-2

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - 07JUL18-1