Term 1 has certainly been a very productive time for our Horse Mad Gang Groups, particularly our new comers. We have had some major mile stones and accomplishments achieved by our young riders in the last 10 weeks and it makes me very proud to be their horse riding instructor.

These are our Horsey Highlights which I’m happy to share with you.

Show Jumping Practice

Now below is three of our regular riders (Taylor, Scarlette and Alexys) practicing there show jumping at the local West Wind Pony Club in lead up to their first Competition in a few weeks time. This is something we've all been working on as apart of our Horse Mad Gang lessons. Fingers crossed their ponies behave themselves on the day just like have here.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-1

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-2

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-3

A Great Warm Up Trot

Just wow! Our Horse Mad Gang did terrific today, starting with a very calm and controlled warm up. Good posture and correct saddle position was excuted very well. Even our notorious 'naughty' pony Dexter had a day off today and behaved himself very well. Not that he is difficult to handle, he just knows how to teach a rider patience and perserverance. Well done gang!

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-4

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-5

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-6

Some Horsey Water Fun

Today was a pretty hot day which presented a great opportunity for a bit of water fun to help cool the kids and horses down. And everyone absolutely enjoyed a bit of randomness to the lesson program with water activities and finishing off with some good old fashioned apple bobbing.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-7

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-8

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-9

Congratulations To Maddie Our HMG Student

A big Congratulations to one of our Horse Mad Gang students Maddie, riding her pony Daisy on their first Dressage Competition together. They sure cleaned up well and just look at all those ribbons! Great job you two.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-10

First Show Jumping Competition

We are so proud of our Horse Mad Gang riders Tayla, Scarlette and Alexys. Today they had their very first Show Jumping Competition out at Sunnybrae Pony Club. With a 5am start to a pretty dreary day, braving the wind and early rain, they put some pretty brave faces to on compete in their very first show jumping day. Not all things went exactly as planned, I think their ponies were just as nervous as they were, but the girls pushed through it and all earnt some well deserved awards. Great riding girls. Onwards and upwards from here!

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-11

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-12

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-13

Out Of The Saddle Riding Practice

After a great day of fine weather and work in the saddle on perfecting our technique, I thought it would be awesome idea to get the kids to experience the difference without a saddle. And just look at Eva go on Vedah! After a good day of riding dinner always tastes so much better, well that's the impression I get from our horses anyway.

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-14

Horse Mad Gang 2018 - Term 1-15