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HMG - Horse Riding School Holiday Activities - Term 3 2018

Horse Mad Gang: Term 3/2018

Quite a few changes have happened in Term 3. We had some new Horse Corrals built which look amazing. Alba View Equestrian officially has a new uniform, very smart looking indeed. And we finished off the term with a well earnt Graduation Day for each HMG Group.

HMG - Horse Riding School Holiday Activities - Term 2 2018

Horse Mad Gang: Term 2/2018

Term 2 has again been a very productive 10 weeks for our Horse Mad Gang Groups. We’ve battled some wild weather, introduced a new Alba View uniform, completed some renovations on the Riding School and had some of students compete in their first Dressage competition.

Horse Riding Tip 11 What To Do When You Fall Off A Horse

Horse Riding Tip 11: What To Do When You Fall Off A Horse

The sad reality of horse riding is that sooner or later you are going to fall off of your horse. The longer you ride, the more you increase the chance of this happening. However, you should not be fearful of riding thinking that today could be that day. What you should be doing is preparing yourself with the knowledge and skills required in order to handle the situation effectively when it occurs. So here’s some likely scenarios that you may face and some advice on what to do when you fall off a horse.

Horse Riding Tip 10 Never Too Old For Adult Horse Riding Lessons

Horse Riding Tip 10: Never Too Old For Adult Horse Riding Lessons

It isn’t unusual to go through your life wanting to do things you have never had the chance to experience. However, if you are thinking of taking up some adult horse riding lessons, than it is actually much easier than you may think. You may not have been able to have ridden a horse before due to finances, time or lack of knowledge regarding how to do it. But people and circumstances change which means that even you can ride a horse. But you need to take a few things into consideration first.

Horse Riding Tip 9 How To Keep Your Heels Down When Riding

Horse Riding Tip 9: How To Keep Your Heels Down When Riding

You are going to very likely hear this piece of advice from your riding instructor frequently in the beginning, “Keep your heels down.” It’s a very important thing to do but it isn’t always that easy for a beginner. Here’s why it is a bit more difficult than it sounds. While you do want to keep your heels down, you also don’t want to shove your heels into the stirrups and end up with your toes pointed upwards. Cramming your heel down is just going to give you stiff and tired leg muscles. This you’ll want to prevent.

Horse Riding Tip 8 Teaching Your Horse To Stop

Horse Riding Tip 8: Teaching Your Horse To Stop

As a beginner, there are several riding skills you will want to learn. They all form the building blocks that become the foundation of what assists you in becoming a good horse rider. In order to reach that goal, you must first master the many basic skills. One very important skill to learn once you have learnt to ride your horse properly is getting your horse to stop by command. There are different vocal cues you can use and depending on your instructor, it can be either the word ‘whoa’, ‘halt’ or ‘stop’.

Horse Riding Tip 7 Common Horse Riding Mistakes

Horse Riding Tip 7: Common Horse Riding Mistakes

Riding a horse can be more than just a fun experience, it can be rewarding and exhilarating as well. However, beginner horse riders have a habit of making a number of the same common horse riding mistakes. And understandably it can be hard to know if your technique is correct or how to easily fix some niggly issues you may be having. My advice is to spoil yourself with horse riding lessons delivered by an experienced coach. Your Here is a list of some common issues I see and ways to avoid making them.

HMG - Horse Riding School Holiday Activities - Term 1 2018

Horse Mad Gang: Term 1/2018

Term 1 has certainly been a very productive time for our Horse Mad Gang Groups, particularly our new comers. We have had some major mile stones and accomplishments achieved by our young riders in the last 10 weeks and it makes me very proud to be their horse riding instructor. These are our Horsey Highlights.

Horse Riding Tip 6 Learn To Ride A Horse Basics

Horse Riding Tip 6: Learn To Ride A Horse Basics

Riding a horse is a great hobby and children of appropriate age can learn many things from regular horse riding lessons. The best way to acquire the physical skills required to learn to ride a horse is to actually learn from a qualified instructor. This is the best option for beginners as the regular interaction with a coach can assist in corrections that can be made quickly, before bad habits have a chance to develop. This is why I urge you to seek the proper assistance before you attempt to ride a horse.

Horse Riding Tip 5 Easy Horse Treats

Horse Riding Tip 5: Easy Horse Treats To Reward Your Horse

You scream, I scream, we all scream for…okay, ice cream is most definitely not something to be feeding your horse. But there are plenty of simple and easy horse treats that you can reward them with. Because just like you and me, your horse loves to get rewarded for being such a great companion. But what exactly should you feed as a horse treat? Well, your local pet/tack store is going to be a very good source of information and will probably carry many different kinds of treats.

Horse Riding Tip 4 Basic Horse Riding Equipment

Horse Riding Tip 4: Basic Horse Riding Equipment

If you have never owned a horse before, you are about to discover that there is a lot of work and responsibility involved in keeping one. Taking care of a horse is not always easy and will require a fair amount of horse care and horse riding equipment. So assuming you are about to get your first horse, we will focus on the key items you will need to ensure the safety and health of the new addition to your family. Owning a horse is a very rewarding experience, it just takes dedication to earn this.

Horse Riding Tip 3 Horse Transportation

Horse Riding Tip 3: Horse Transportation and Horse Care

There is going to be a day when you are going to be faced with having to transport your horse away from your property. If your horse hasn’t been trained to load and unload from a trailer, you are in for an interesting experience. The fact of the matter is horse transportation can be a stressful time for both you and your horse. Not to mention the level of frustration you are going to feel if the process doesn’t go smoothly. This can also end up becoming a dangerous situation too.

Horse Riding Tip 2 Basic Horse Care For Beginners

Horse Riding Tip 2: Basic Horse Care For Beginners

When you own a horse, you have something greater than just a pet you can spend time with. You have a pet that can become a loyal friend and a pet you can ride for pleasure or competition. Regardless of why you have a horse, you still need to know a few basic skills that will assist you in taking proper care of them. So I encourage you to continue reading for some great tips and a good starting checklist of Basic Horse Care For Beginners that you should learn today.

Horse Riding Tip 1 Essential Horse Manners Every Horse Should Have

Horse Riding Tip 1: Essential Horse Manners Every Horse Should Have

Owning a horse requires a lot of work and dedication. There is no question about that. And I can guarantee you that any horse owner will agree with me when I say that owning a horse is a very rewarding experience. But there is a lot of work, training and patience required to get you and your horse to a mutual ‘give and take’ relationship. And by training, I mean, you training your horse to have some basic and essential horse manners that will benefit you both greatly.

HMG - Horse Riding School Holiday Activities - Term 4 2017

Horse Mad Gang: Term 4/2017

Follow our Horse Mad Gang students as they work their way through our tailored School Term & Holiday Horse Riding Program at Alba View Equestrian Adelaide. We structure our full day sessions filled with quality education about horses and practical horse riding lessons to teach your child how to ride properly.